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About Purbachal

Location of Purbachal Project

Proposed "Purbachal New Town Project" is situated at Rupgonj Thana of Narayangonj District and Kaligonj Thana of Gazipur District in between river balu and sitalakhya at a distance of 16 KM from zero point of Dhaka. The project implementation period is July, 1995 to June, 2012. The total area of the Project is 6150 acres which is divided into 30 sectors. Out of which development works are going on in 4500 acres (Narayangonj part).

Objective of Purbachal Project

  • To reduce the pressure of population in Dhaka city by creating opportunity of residential accommodation of the city dwellers in the vicinity of the city.
  • To maintain the balance of environment by proper Urbanization. To create environment friendly and sustainable atmosphere.
  • To reduce the existing acute problem of housing.
  • To expand civic facilities by urbanization to the near by and surrounding areas gradually.
  • Development of new township and to expand economic facilities.
  • To mitigate future housing demand.

Background of the Purbachal Project

Dhaka Metropolitan city has now been turned into the busiest & densely populated city. Lakhs of people reside permanently in Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh for service, business and other purpose. The dwelling places required for these large number of people are very inadequate. As a result, the residential areas of Dhaka city are turning into overcrowded dirty localities day by day and creating unhealthy environment causing damage to the beauty of the city.

It is possible to reduce the pressure of population of Dhaka city to a great extent by developing the surrounding area of Dhaka city in a planned way and establishing permanent residential accommodation for these vast population. The project area consists of red soils and not so suitable efforts for agriculture and mixed with low lying and hilly undulated land.

Land Use Plan (Major component):

Residential - 39.80%
Commercial Plots - 3.90%
Administrative - 1.90%
Industrial - 2.00%
Research and Institutional - 2.30%
Road Network - 25.90%
Physical & Social infrastructure - 9.10%
Lake - 6.60%
Forest, Eco-park, Green Belt and Urban Green - 5.70%
Sports Facilities 2.80%

Present Position of the Project:

Site development: Site development works of sector 1, 2, 4, 5, 11 to 14 & 17 have nearly been completed. For other sectors the site development works are progressing smoothly.

Construction of Road: Road construction works in sector no 1 to 5, 11, 13, 14 & 17 have nearly been completed. For other sectors the road construction works are under process and will be started by February/2010.

Construction of Bridges: Construction of Bridges are in progress
- 7 No.s of Bridge construction works 20% Progress
- 6 No.s of Bridge Construction works to be started by February/2010.

Construction of 300-0 wide Purbachal Link Road:
- Road Embankment Construction Work Progress-60%
- Pavement Works will be started by June/2010.
- Tender of Balu Bridge is under process

Construction of Kuril Flyover: Construction work of Kuril Fly-over will be started by February/2010 and expected to be completed by December/2012.

Utility services: Necessary actions are being taken for establishing utility services viz Electricity, Gas, Water supply and sewerage, Telecommunication etc.

Plot handing Over: The handing over of Plots in the sectors 4 & 17 is expected to be started from March, 2010 and Sector 1,5,11,12,13 & 14 from December/2010.

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