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Ashaloy Project Location Map
Ashaloy Project Layout Map
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Secured Housing is a birth right of every human & as well as fundamental right. Ashaloy Housing and Developers ltd. a dynamic and realistic name emerged in 2006. The company appears with different commitment by applying update techniques of modern concept & healthy living.

Combining practicality with functional and aesthetic qualities, the contemporary styled Ashaloy Housing and Developers ltd. is a unique Satellite town planned around a snowing neighborhood of capital Dhaka. It promises tranquility, security and accessibility, a place where community living is enhanced by lush open spaces tastefully in decorated by invigorating pedestrian walkways and smooth thoroughfares.


For those who demand the ultimate in waterfront living, Ashaloy Housing and Developers ltd.. offers the very best. A perfect place to live with expansive water views of the river Sitalakhya and the lavish landscaped greenery surrounding the development where the dwellers will enjoy the serenity of nature.

As Ashaloy Housing and Developers ltd. managed by a team of qualified and competent Architects, Engineers and Technicians for Smooth and timely completion, planned on the doctrine of an independent self sufficient satellite town.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to identify the most exclusive and suitable property locations in Bangladesh and utilizing our creativity, experience and technical expertise integrate in an environmentally friendly manner the most extensive variety of high quality properties aimed to becoming our clients’ dream homes.


Our target is to enhance our property development line and continue to use it as a platform on which a powerful Group is built – a Group which constantly extends its broad spectrum of activities both in Bangladesh and abroad and is able to compete and survive in any operating environment.

Our management philosophy focuses on the following goals:

  • Enhance our strong position amongst the elite property developers in Bangladesh.
  • Strengthen our profile as a company of high quality and reliability in all areas.
  • Increase our productivity and serve better our clients through continuous improvement and development of our staff.
  • Constantly re-assess the market to eliminate risks and exploit opportunities, passing on the benefits to our clients and shareholders.



Ashaloy Housing and Developers Ltd.
House: 71, Road: 14, Sector: 13, Uttara, Dhaka - 1230
Phone: 880-2-55086960, 880-2-55086961, 880-2-55086962
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